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Reinforced concrete design software

RCsolver is a software for the design and assessment of reinforced concrete structural members. It performs all the calculations described in the Eurocodes and ACI 318-11 for the calculation of tensile and shear reinforcement of the structural members. RCsolver provides a unique 3D presentation capability of the members and the reinforcement rebars. It comes packed with Eurocode 2 and 8 specifications, as well as the national annexes specifications of a great amount of European countries. The new version of RCsolver includes also the ACI 318-11 specifications on concrete member design.

Now RCsolver is FREE! The new version of RCsolver is free! It contains advertisements. User is directed to the new Advertisements page of our website, where he has to remain for at least 45 seconds, each time the program starts. After this period, ALL features and capabilities of RCsolver are provided FREE to all users! You can upgrade to the full version of RCsolver without advertisements with only 150 USD!

RCsolver 2012 is the most recent version of our software. It offers an extensive range of capabilities. It is the product of a collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece through a research program.

Technical Characteristics

  • Total implementtion of Eurocode 2 specifications.
  • Total implementtion of national annexes of more than 10 countries.
  • Superior interactive interface.
  • Design and evaluate concrete members in minutes.
  • ACI 318-11 specifications.
  • Time-saving design approach.
  • Design and Assessment modes.
  • Great for engineers, consultants, and contractors.
  • Quick evaluation of many alternatives.
  • Full presentation of ll main and partial calculations.
  • Extensive verification and training examples.
  • Extensive theory manuals.
  • Great tool for the teaching and learning of concrete design according to Eurocode specifications.
  • Great tool for the quick estimation of existing reinforcement.
  • Useful for new engineers and engineering students.
  • Detailed summary reports in word and pdf.




Concrete beams, concrete columns, concrete slabs, Eurocodes, National Annexes

RCsolver: The ultimate software for reinforced concrete members design!


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The free version of RCsolver contains advertisements. It is a full version, containing all features.

Easily upgrade to the full version without advertisements only for 150 USD!

Download RCsolver and join the world of Concrete Design according to Eurocodes 2 and 8 and ACI 318-11 with an impressive and modern software!

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