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RCsolver training seminars and webinars

Concrete design webinar!

We value your time! Our Webinars are very useful for you to master concrete design solutions in the most effective way! Just register right now to learn more skills, get new exciting experience and feel free to share your ideas through our live webinars and training sessions.

Upcoming Webinars

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Monthly webinars: Reinforced concrete design with RCsolver

Deep Excavation LLC offers an 1 hour training course on concrete design according to Eurocode 2 and 8 with the tools of RCsolver software program!

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An official training Certificate is provided!

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Deep Excavation LLC is totally involved in the development of powerful, user friendly, robust, high-quality, integrated deep excavation calculation and design software tools by offering multiple accepted design methods.

The company provides training and support to all users in order to show and explore the exciting strong features of our software. By doing this, we give the excellent opportunity for the best and adequate usage of all our modern programs.