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Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Software Library

Deep Excavation is totally involved in the development of powerful, user friendly, robust, high-quality structural and geotechnical engineering software tools. Our products are trusted by more than 1200 engineers worldwide! We take great pride of our software products and strive to provide always the best!

Here we provide a list with our structural and geotechnical superior software tools that can help you gain o competitive edge!


Superior Reinforced Concrete Design Software

In our brand new software for the calculation and design of concrete members according to Eurocodes 2 and 8, and US Standards, we have implemented all Eurocode 2, Eurocode 8 and ACI 318-11 specifications and we provide all equations and calculations! Feel free to download the free trial version of RCsolver and join the world of Concrete Design in the most effective way!

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Steel Member Design Software

Design steel beams and columns with AISC, ASD, LRFD and Eurocode 3. Steel-Beam 2013 is a quick analysis software for steel beams subjected to combined bending and axial loading. Calculations are fully described in equations.

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Ultimate Deep Excavations Design Software

Design deep excavations, stepped walls, piles, sheet pile design, non-linear analysis, secant pile walls, slurry walls, AASHTO,  ACI, AISC, Eurocode 2,3,7,8, British BS standards, + DIN! DeepXcav is the software of choice for more than 1200 engineers worldwide.

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Helical Pile Analysis Software

HelixPile is the most modern helical pile analysis software available in the market. HelixPile allows you to simulate a wide number of conditions, include corrosion, and import sections from various manufacturers.

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Soil Nailing Wall Design Software

SnailPlus is a powerful soil nailing wall analysis and design software program. SnailPlus analyzes soil nailing walls according to FHWA design standards and methodologies. The program provides a full calculation output , with printable equations that can be verified, that includes the facing design and other performed checks. This way your calculation report is ready to be printed directly to a word document.

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Trenches and Panels Design Software

Evaluate the stability of bentonite slurry trenches and panels with 2D & 3D analysis methods. Slurry wall panels excavated under bentonine in most cases would not be stable if 3D effects are not included. Trench incorporated German DIN standards and performs 3D wedge stability analysis for slurry wall panels.

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Slope Inclinometer Software

SiteMaster is a modern software for processing and presenting inclinometer readings. Easily generate customizable reports and include all your inclinometers in a single project. Compatible with any inclinometer probe and manufacturer (Digitilt, Encardio, Geocomp, ITMsoil, RSTdigital, SINCO, SISGEO).

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