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Reinforced Concrete Design Software

Join the world of reinforced concrete member design in the most modern, accurate, copetitive and time-saving way!

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Examples, Manuals, Documentation

Find useful examples, study cases, training videos, presentations, theory manuals and other useful materials in  our library!

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Personal and Professional training

Get trained in the use of Eurocodes 2 and 8 in reinforced concrete design with our tools by Deep Excavation LLC!

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What is RCsolver?

RCsolver is the ultimate software for the quick and accurate design of concrete members according to Eurocode specifications and US Standards. RCsolver provides an impressive 3-dimensional presentation of the concrete members along with the calculated tensile and shear reinforcement bars, as well as the full calculation procedure according to Eurocode specifications, offering an incomparable advantage that promotes it to a great engineering-teaching and tool and a great tool for new engineers, as well as a valuable tool for engineers that wish to quickly check the calculations.

RCsolver 2012 is the brand new version of our software. It is a product of a cooperation of Deep Excavation LLC with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (through a research program).

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  • Total implementation of Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 8 specifications
  • Total implementation of National Annexes of more than 10 countries
  • Superior interactive interface
  • 3-dimensional presentation of members and reinforcement
  • Full presentation of all main and partial calculations
  • Time-saving design approach
  • Design and Assessment modes
  • Extensive verification and training examples
  • Export reports in word and pdf
  • Professional and personal technical support
  • Total implementation of ACI 318-11 specifications

New Version of RCsolver!

We are proud to announce that the new vesion of RCsolver is released and includes the reinforced concrete member design according to ACI 318-11 specifications and upgrades in the concrete design procedure according to Eurocode specifications!

RCsolver Plus Pricing

The new Edition of RCsolver, including ACI and Eurocode 8 feature.

Annual technical maintenance agreement: 75$ (includes unlimited technical support and upgrades for one year).

RCsolver Plus 2012

Single user license: $150.00

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