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concrete column - Rectangular section example

A single rectangular section column will be analyzed with RCsolver. The following data is available:

a) Section properties: b = 0.5 m, d = 0.6 m, c = 50 mm, concrete: C25/30, Reinforcement steel: B500C, proposed tensile reinforcement: Ø16, proposed shear reinforcement: Ø10, number of stirrup legs: 4.

b) Column properties and loading: h = 3 m, Mtop,y = 90 KNm, Mtop,z = 100 KNm, Mbot,y = -110 KNm, Mbot,z = -120 KNm,  Vy = 90 KN, Vz = 50 KN, Ntop = 400 KN (compression), Nbot = 480 KN (compression).

Objective: Design the concrete column and calculate the required tensile and shear reinforcement.

Column section properties

Figure 1: Column section properties

Column properties and column loading

Figure 2: Column properties and Column loading

Column moment, shear and axial force diagrams on the 3D model

Figure 3: Column moment, shear and axial force diagrams on the 3D model

3D model, concrete column and calculated reinforcement rebars

Figure 4: 3D model, concrete column and reinforcement rebars

Results in rcsolver

Figure 5: Results in RCsolver

Moment - Axial force interaction diagram

Figure 6: Moment – Axial force interaction diagramCalculation procedure - equations

Calculation procedure - equations

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