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Structural regularity according to Eurocode 8

Structures with irregularities in plan or in elevation present special ductility demands in certain locations contrary to the general demand of uniform ductility distribution in normal buildings.

Criteria for regularity

A. Criteria for regularity in elevation

EC8(§ considers as regular in elevation the buildings that satisfy all the following conditions:

The irregularity in elevation is expected to have more severe effects in the design and in the seismic response of the building rather than the irregularity in plan. So:

In buildings irregular in elevation, the behavior factor q is reduced 20% ο in comparison with buildings that are regular in elevation.

Figure 1: Criteria of regularity in elevation for buildings with setbacks (EC8 §

B. Criteria of regularity in plan

EC8(§ considers as regular in plan the buildings that satisfy all the following conditions:

0.3rx ≥ ex and 0.3ry ≥ ey

rx ≥ ls and ry ≥ ls

where the radius of gyration of one floor in the two directions can be calculated from the polar moment of inertia of the floor mass in plan as:

Figure 1.2: Design response spectrum according to EC8 (Spectrum Type 1, soft soils Type C, Elghazouli, 2009).


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