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Stress-strain relations in the design of cross-sections

A. Concrete

The designer can use different types of stress-strain diagrams, related with the structure type and the special parameters of the design. For the design of cross-sections, the following stress-strain relationship may be used: Eurocode 2-1.1   (§ 3.1.7)

Figure 1: Parabolic – rectangle diagram of concrete under compression (ΕC2 - Figure 3.3)

B. Reinforcing Steel

According to Eurocode 2-1.1 for normal design we can assume an inclined top branch with a strain limit of εud and a maximum stress of kfyk/ γs at εuk, where k = (ft/fy)k, or a horizontal top branch without the need to check the strain limit. Figure 2 presents the idealized and design stress-strain diagrams for reinforcing steel for tension and compression.

Figure 2: Idealized and design stress-strain diagrams for reinforcing steel (tension and compression). (Eurocode 2 – Figure 3.8)

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